Art Cluster is a contemporary art studio. We work with visual artists from everywhere. We are making new concepts of exhibitions and producing new art ideas. We cause a cultural exchange, shipping artworks to different countries and creating relations with art centers. The art studio work with private and public monetary fund, to stimulate the worldwide art production. We are interested in new artists and curators. Contact with the art studio if you are a art professional.

We make art, not just a means of reflection, we make art for change. We propose a directly way for social work: focusing on small localities, working with people, cultural centers and the urban space. For develop this art studio is necessary a big comunication process. We are contacting to new artists constantly through Internet. This project feeds on social networks, all relations begin in the virtuallity and we project all good intentions to the reality.

We think that one of the most important art studio values is the conscience of a change. We think is necessary reversing the industrial production and inequality, all are consequence of the globalitzation and the concentration of the power. It only is possible if all gears of the society are aware of her responsability: complaint and action. If you have clear your mission, feel free to contact with us. Join to our project, it’s easy: say hello!